Sunday, 26 April 2015


Back to Buissness! Gonna shake of the rust and get loose. This weeks life drawing wasn't to successful but i felt that insecurity and anxiety! I had to work hard to understand some real powerful forces in the body and the important anatomy's!

Failure leads to success! 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Whoaw! been such a long time, i had been away for holidays and visiting my home town after nearly 3 years! Honestly i havent been keeping to my drawing skills for a while, only some sketches here and there! Here are this weeks life drawings! MAN im rusty as hell, i got frustrated easily and found it hard to find my anatomy. I need to get back into it and the only was is to face your fears, The only mistake is to not start and stop half way!! 

Sunday, 11 January 2015


New years! First week back from life drawing and gonna have a great start!.... or at least i thought so haha, Well its shocking how such little time and you began to get rusty! I stopped drawing for a week roughly with christmas and new years, Just in that period i have already lost a little confidence haha, anyways this was a bad week but just rusty getting up to the gesture drawings. Not much else to say but let this year begin! The model is a strange one, female and muscular built?! but she was quiet unique to draw but maybe a challenging in a sense of im use to drawing curves on females but she was quite blocky! 1-5 mins 10 -25 mins.

Oops forgot about this!, i did some sketches of my naughty little nephew on christmas day opening his presents, which is a toy train!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Nearly Christmas! that means no life drawing for a while .... meh. I might do something diffrent next week and go out on an adventure and draw those crazy christmas shoppers. So this weeks life drawing! Great model, Great body, and has a habbit on sitting or lying down. I wish she moved around more and gave me some more gestural poses but it wasnt all bad i managed to find some movement in her curvy body. Her Crismon red hair with a black highlights was like the main attention to my drawings, simply because my eyes kept going back to it!. I stopped my self of blocking in the hair but instead get a sense of flow in it, At the begginning of class she waffer her hair alot and it gave me a sense of flow. So yeah heres this weeks! longer towards the end and faster at the start( 1 mins/ 10 mins /20 mins)

Saturday, 13 December 2014


This weeks life drawing class was going pretty well! the model we had was a male (for once hah) and he was quite flexible. Im so used to using curves because of the female form that sometimes i forgotten how to stop using it hah! Just shows that a good variety of model will influence how you solve the problem or break your habits, i am trying to always learn new ways to push my poses around and this week have been reading up on Glen Vippu. His background isnt really in animation but boy can this master draw, He talked alot about not just copying the gesture but really feeling it. This means getting up your seat and really using that full motion on your shoulder. He likes to start with the head and follow the gesture by using the tendion on the neck as a key point. I tryed to use this technique as much as i can this week and it really click with me! anyways here are this weeks life drawing!, Feeling closer to my dream job and must work harder :)!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Wow! how fast does time go... i have been working so much on my animation trying to get it right for so long! but yeah i keep forgetting to put these up! i try always to do life drawing at least once per week, i feel its the source of motivation and also relaxation. A chance to get away and draw for yourself in a sense. Draw what you see and draw what you feel in those gestures, sometimes you just need to step away from your work to really see what you have been done, Seing the whole picture as the expression goes. i missed a week of life drawing and i felt myself getting more stress and my work coming out to a standard that im not happy with but after going back to life drawing, i feel i could draw again and feel refreshed. anyways here are what i have missed during the month. They are Gestured from 1-5 mins and 2-25 mins. longer poses are usually more towards the end!