Thursday, 30 October 2014


This week life drawing includes the previous one :) i have been abit occupied. For the last 2 weeks i have found this model being very hard to relate too. She was my kryptanite! i couldnt understand her movement and was getting very frustrated in class. Her movements werent great but instead it was quite compresed and closed. She hid her body alot and bended alot of her limbs inwards. She also had alot of similar poses throughout the classes. im not trying to blame the model but instead evaluate her and really understood her movement. This is a great chance to just tell that everyone has bad days and the success in that day maybe isnt to get a great product but too overcome the challenge and going back to what you know and understand :), So this week i decided to show some of my works that arent great and too show my progress on how i took my time to observe her and really get her anatomy down :)

Everything is gestured from 1-5 mins and the final few drawings are loner from 20 mins to 25mins

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  1. I especially like drawings 5 and 6 and the last one. Also to quote one of my greatest inspirations Bobby Chiu. He says that when you are struggling it means something great is just around the corner, because when things get hard it means you are we should welcome those moments of frustration. You're doing great man! I had a period once of 6-8 months where I was seemingly getting worse, but because of it I got better :)