Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Wow! how fast does time go... i have been working so much on my animation trying to get it right for so long! but yeah i keep forgetting to put these up! i try always to do life drawing at least once per week, i feel its the source of motivation and also relaxation. A chance to get away and draw for yourself in a sense. Draw what you see and draw what you feel in those gestures, sometimes you just need to step away from your work to really see what you have been done, Seing the whole picture as the expression goes. i missed a week of life drawing and i felt myself getting more stress and my work coming out to a standard that im not happy with but after going back to life drawing, i feel i could draw again and feel refreshed. anyways here are what i have missed during the month. They are Gestured from 1-5 mins and 2-25 mins. longer poses are usually more towards the end!

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