Saturday, 13 December 2014


This weeks life drawing class was going pretty well! the model we had was a male (for once hah) and he was quite flexible. Im so used to using curves because of the female form that sometimes i forgotten how to stop using it hah! Just shows that a good variety of model will influence how you solve the problem or break your habits, i am trying to always learn new ways to push my poses around and this week have been reading up on Glen Vippu. His background isnt really in animation but boy can this master draw, He talked alot about not just copying the gesture but really feeling it. This means getting up your seat and really using that full motion on your shoulder. He likes to start with the head and follow the gesture by using the tendion on the neck as a key point. I tryed to use this technique as much as i can this week and it really click with me! anyways here are this weeks life drawing!, Feeling closer to my dream job and must work harder :)!!

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