Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Nearly Christmas! that means no life drawing for a while .... meh. I might do something diffrent next week and go out on an adventure and draw those crazy christmas shoppers. So this weeks life drawing! Great model, Great body, and has a habbit on sitting or lying down. I wish she moved around more and gave me some more gestural poses but it wasnt all bad i managed to find some movement in her curvy body. Her Crismon red hair with a black highlights was like the main attention to my drawings, simply because my eyes kept going back to it!. I stopped my self of blocking in the hair but instead get a sense of flow in it, At the begginning of class she waffer her hair alot and it gave me a sense of flow. So yeah heres this weeks! longer towards the end and faster at the start( 1 mins/ 10 mins /20 mins)

1 comment:

  1. I like the use of color man, I actually really liked that 3rd drawing when I saw it, didn't realise it was yours :P Also love how you blocked in the features in those first 2 drawings, I wonder if that was inspired by what Katerina said.